Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Wayback Machine

Good day Time Trippers & Trippettes! We (uh.., the "Royal We" dude!) are delayed but undeterred. My delay will be just cause for another post. Anyway, on with the show!
Today's guest is someone I truly appreciate, and have done so for what seems like a long time now; a one-time Dub Rifle and current Stiff Bishop, he is also well-known and well-regarded as the Editor of the late, lamented print 'zine Mohair Sweets! More than that he's been a friend and mentor to me who gives the right amount of feedback on some of my more hare-brained schemes and always offers encouragement for the (pretty much) thankless nature of our obsession(s). A man who knows great music as well as great movies. He also likes grits: Colin Bryce! (Sound of one hand clapping inserted here!)

We've a very good idea WHO he wants to see, but the rest is a mystery revealed:

You've been given a one-time opportunity to use The Wayback Machine; what band would you like to see, in what year, and what song would you most want to see them play?

Colin: I would liked to have seen the Gorillas at the Nashville back in '76 perform "She's My Gal"... That woulda been pretty cool.

(Editor's Note: Yes indeed. Leave it to Colin to be the first to stump YouTube. Damn. Our remedy is thusly posted. "...she's a breathtakin', star-makin', no fakin', life-shakin'..."!)

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