Monday, May 19, 2008

The Wayback Machine

Happy Monday everyone! For longtime readers of this blog you may remember Jens Lindberg, (of the Maharajas), and his post from Feb. 11th; I have a strong feeling that-just like Jens, today's guest time-tripper might well run away from the conceptual "return to the present" and find a way to stay back in time!

Our guest today has been a member of the Satelliters since 1993 and have just released their 30th recording: Unknown State (Of Mind), a three track EP on blue vinyl! We're honored to have Steve strap in to The Wayback Machine...

For a man who has put out a body of work harkening back to the first days of the garage fuzz & psychedelic scene where would he go and who would he see given this opportunity?

You've been given a one-time opportunity to use The Wayback Machine; what band would you like to see, in what year, and what song would you most want to see them play?

Steve: Without no doubt:1966 The Chocolate Watchband – Don’t Need Your Lovin’

OK Steve, we'll start looking for you in '67! Best wishes on the EP!


sr-71 said...

that chocolate watchband comp that came out recently is pretty boss

Anonymous said...

I've always loved that video ("Hey man, this place is a drag...they've got their own Gestapo!"). Good times.

Jim K.