Monday, April 21, 2008

The Wayback Machine

"Here comes the trip.., it's the best part..."
Greetings and Happy Monday to all you psychedelia-preferring bipeds 'round this Orb.
Today we're graced with the presence of a one-man whirlwind of creativity, San Francisco's own Andrew Goldfarb, a/k/a The Slow Poisoner! Not only does Andrew create some of the freakiest "center-keeps-shifting" music I've heard but he also is an accomplished visual artist with books published in the same head-scratching, thought-provoking vein. (Ogner Stump!)Andrew has released an EP, Fatal Floral Phonograph, and two albums (that I'm aware of): Days Of The Soft Break and Roadside Altar. Like a carnival barker from days long-gone, he bids you come. Share his madness! And I do.......

So where does our Brewmaster of the Ancient Elixirs desire to go?

You've been given a one-time opportunity to use The Wayback Machine; what band would you like to see, in what year, and what song would you most want to see them play?

The Slow Poisoner: I'd choose to see The Doors in 1966, performing "The End." Why the Doors? Because Crazy Jim's concoction of baritone croon and bad vibes poetry, in conjunction with Manzarek's droning organ and Krieger's Oriental slide licks, set the template for all gloomy rock and roll to come; I'd like to witness the source. Why 1966? I suspect that the band was in peak form before they made it big, and before they switched from acid to alcohol. Why "The End"? Well, if I'm gonna’ travel 42 years for one song, it may as well be ten minutes long...
And if I could choose a venue it would be the long-gone "Sea Witch" in
Hollywood, because that's the coolest name for a bar ever.

valis: OK, let's go!

Thank you Slow Poisoner!


sr-71 said...

Andrew is cool because he is one of the few artists besides the elevators to use the electrimafied jug. Plus he sent me a free copy of his cd in the mail along with wicked Slow Poisoner trading cards.

gomonkeygo said...

Excellent - howdy, Mr. Poisoner! Glad to see you caught the Wayback Machine. Hoping for another Midwestern tour someday, I am, since I missed you last time.

Anonymous said...

My own choices for seeing the Doors would've been Bibi Lido's in Hollywood (which was probably just a little before the Sea Witch gigs) and one of the Steve Paul's Scene appearances, which I just missed (I was working crosstown on virtually every night they were there). Steve Paul's was not a "normal" club, it was more like an after-hour's place where musicians would flock to when the other bars had closed. Anyone who was in town ended up there in the wee hours so if you wanted to see someone up close, that was the place to do it.