Sunday, February 17, 2008

Welcome To The Shows! (or, Got Live If You Want It)

Hello everyone. Just a brief post today in hopes of pointing you to a pair o' people working hard to satisfy your cravings for the good stuff:

Clint over at The Drugs Are Working is back and going full-speed ahead, (what? Yes, well I suppose they are that kind. Who cares? They're working!),and is posting in no order whatsoever, (what? well, I guess that is an effect!), shows he's taped live from circa 2002 to 2006 in and around the Dallas area. Recent posts to help you understand how they're working have included the Brian Jonestown Massacre(!), Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the Warlocks, Super Furry Animals, The Quarter After, etc. and so on until the damned drugs don't work!
Stop in, take in a show, and please say THANKS!

Also, good friend and Swayer of the Universe- gomonkeygo, over at The New Disease is raiding the archives for all and sundry to benefit. He's posted shows by the Barracudas, Rain Parade, the 13th Floor Elevators, etc., and so forth...say "Hi!" to the Hanuman descendent and watch as he offers up the bounty.

Between the two of 'em they're covering the waterfront!
(Their links shall be permanently placed over there.)

Carry on.


gomonkeygo said...

Many thanks for the plug, Hagbardilis! I've been spreading the news about your wonderful wonderland around the discussion groups.

gomonkeygo said...

Got one right back at ya now!

sr-71 said...

anytime i thinks of gomonkeygo i always thinks upon our mutual kendra smith fascination/admiration. speaking of which, thars some songs on the new dead meadow, 'old growth', that have a freaky kendra vibe to thems

gomonkeygo said...

There's a Clay Allison over at my place right now and some live Opal coming down the tube too! But, gawd, I wish she'd put out a new album.