Monday, February 25, 2008

The Wayback Machine

Hail Voyagers! Time once again to take a trip through the temporal wormhole!
Today's guest gladly jumped at the opportunity to go way back, so let's meet him:

Jamie Mahon of the Three 4 Tens! They've been pointing the paisley laser beam at third eyes since 1967, I mean 1997! Last year's Down The Way, on Rainbow Quartz, was greeted with a psilocybin cloud of smiles and handclaps. (Especially "I Am The King", "Kill Dr. Strange", & "R.U.B.A."!)So, where's he going?

The premise: You've been given a one-time opportunity to use The Wayback Machine; what band would you like to see, in what year, and what song would you most want to see them play?

Definitely LOVE, bito lito era.(66-67).. the song ...."7and 7 is".a real barn burner,watching kids dance to that must have been a trip.

Say "Hi" to Jamie & the rest of the Three 4 Tens! Thanks Jamie!


gomonkeygo said...

A "paisley laser beam"! wHeRe do i GET mE ONE!

Anonymous said...

Love? !967? Dude, I was there and you're right, it was a trip to watch kids dance to it.

How can I download it to you? Head to head USB? Skull to skull midi-port? Mind to mind Bluetooth? Cosmos to cosmos jungle vine?

Jim K.

Anonymous said...

Absolovely Love Love. Great pick. Love the accompanying videos, by the way.