Saturday, January 19, 2008

valis' Website Picks of the Week

Hey psychedelicly-inclined friends!
Can't wait for Mr. Vidler to tickle your ears with another episode of
The Trypshop? Check out the Cheesy Dudes, Randy & Al, and the Psychedelic Velveeta podcast! I've been providing a 'valis Pick of the Week' for 'em going on two years now and find them to be a lot of fun and just as cheesy as a French farmhouse, (apologies Cliff!)
Take me to the CHEESE!

Also, broadcasting 24/7/365, the Dead Man has one of the deepest, broadest collections of anyone, anywhere of the music we can't get enough of on his Live365 show. I've been listening in for six years now and always hear something which stops me in my tracks, (no pun intended,) and shout: "Who the HELL is that?" The Dead Man is the classic red wine to go with the above-named cheese.
Listen in!


French Connection said...

Dunno what happened to my original comment Valis? Basically I just said how much I enjoyed the questions (and top-notch answers for that matter) I'm with you my friend in that as far as I'm concerned psychedelic sounds have never been so good as they are now. That said there's still room aplenty for les Psychedelic originales.

musicgnome said...

Mmmmm. Cheeeeese.

Can do without the Wine (the actual Wine. NOT to be confused with the Deadman Internet Radio Beacon)

But, me likes some fromage, every now and again.