Monday, February 05, 2007

Mind-Melt Listening Station: Vol. XVI

1 Befour Three O'Clock Mind Gardens Happen Happened (1992)
2 The Unicorns The Clap Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? (2004)
3 Wipers Rebel With A Cause (Is This Real Outtake) Is This Real? (1980)
4 The Dukes of Stratosphear You're My Drug Chips From The Chocolate Fireball (1985)
5 The Pubert Brown Fridge Occurrence Bite The Sun A Once And Future Thing (2003)
6 F/i Surgical Procedures on the Ship A Question For The Somnambulist (2003)
7 Abunai! Vanishing Point The Mystic River Sound (1999)
8 Sundial Exploding In Your Mind (Reprise) Other Way Out (1990)
9 Jellyfish All Is Forgiven Spilt Milk (1993)
10 The Boo Radleys Upon 9th And Fairchild Giant Steps (1993)
11 The Liquid Sound Company Inside The Acid Temple Inside The Acid Temple (2002)
12 The Blue Whale Nothing Is Better Than Love The Blue Whale (2002)
13 Cloud Eleven Tokyo Aquarium Cloud Eleven (1999)
14 Zinedines I'm Not Me Take Me, Take Me (2004)
15 The Black Angels Manipulation Passover (2006)
16 The Mike Gunn Ted Almaron (1993)
17 Spacemen 3 2.35 (Version 1) Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs BY (1990)
18 The Moffs A Million Years Past The Moffs (1985)
19 Asobi Seksu Everything is On Citrus (2006)
20 Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Foot And Mouth '68 The Blue Trees ()


Anonymous said...

FYI. Tried downloading this and came up with the same file as the previous mix. Vol XVI and Vol XV are the same.

Hagbard said...

That's how I received the links; they're different pages/link files, certainly.

Anonymous said...

(sigh) "file no longer available for download". Looked like a beauty too!

Jim K.