Monday, January 29, 2007

Mind-Melt Listening Station: Vol. XIII

(a/k/a Valisian Psycle Part 3) By Musicgnome

1 Scenic U.S. - Sedona, Az Lightspeed The Acid Gospel Experience (2003)
2 Donovan's Brain U.S.-Bozeman, Mt Neuro Psych Trail Head The Great Leap Forward (2003)
3 The Electric Effect U.K. - Nottingham Orbit C From the Centre of the Sun (2005)
4 Hash Jar Tempo U.S. - Philadelphia, Pa/New Z. Souces In Cleveland Under Glass (2000)
5 Midnight Movies U.S. - L.A., Ca Persimmon Tree Midnight Movies (2004)
6 Je Suis France U.S. - Athens, Ga Live To Win Fantastic Area (2003)
7 Aspera Ad Astra U.S. - Philadelphia, Pa Scannin' Lights Peace (1998)
8 Slumber Party U.S. - Detroit, Mi Heroes And Zeros Psychedelicate (2001)
9 Spiritualized U.K. - Rugby, Midlands All Of My Thoughts Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space (1997)
10 The Brian Jonestown Massacre U.S. - San Francisco, Ca If Love is the Drug Tepid Pepperment Wonderland: A Retrospective (2004)
11 Tanakh U.S. - Richmond, Va 5 a.m. Ardent Fevers (2006)
12 Tumbleweed Australia Acidrain Sundial (1993)
13 Octopus Syng Finland I`m A Bee Rainbow Coloured Mandala (2000)
14 Flotation Toy Warning U.K. - London Fire Engine On Fire Part 2 Bluffer's Guide To The Flight Deck (2005)
15 7% Solution U.S. - Austin, Tx Built on Sand All About Satellites and Spaceships (1996)
16 Paik U.S. - Michigan October Monster Of The Absolute (2006)
17 MooseU.K. Screamin XYZ (1992)

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guy stevens said...

Donovan's Brain! One of the bands I produced. In good company too. Good choice, that is just about the best song the Brain have recorded. try or for more info, and some free music