Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lotus 2

Disc 1

1. Sleepyard - One More Day

Norway's brothers, Oliver & Svein Kersbergen, might just make Sean O'Hagan blush. This track, written by Svein, is from their Easy Tensions lp, out on Orange Music, a Day-Glo Production.

2. Dora Flood - The Light

From their forthcoming release on Elephant Stone Records the Flood have proven again they've got the right stuff. This new album should blow the lid off any remaining anonymity they work under and make converts worldwide. (Michael asked me to let you know all previous releases are available free as downloads via their website: )

3. Reefus Moons - Sea In A Jar

He's back and this one is off Waiting For My Albatross. Of the track, Reefus offers:

It's a song about our connectedness and evolution from the sea and how our moods change, like the sea. The album 'Waiting for my Albatross' and a lot of my back catalogue (eventually!) are available from Or write to me at: Insect Eye Records, Forest Farm, Warthill, York. YO19 5XS. UK.

4. Dog Age - God Lives Under The River

From Norway, Rainbow Quartz newest stablemate, off their new album Reefy Seadragon. The band has been together, off and on, since the 80s and the tightness shows. This track is a slice of the true wafer. Genius.

5. Silver Sunshine - 144,000

The San Diego contingent weigh in with a track from their A Small Pocket of Pure Spirit ep. Beautiful stuff from a band you *will* know. Sooner. Try:

6. A Fir-Ju Well - Easygoing

Atlanta's own, who've recently undergone a name change to Gringo Star. This off of their Absolutely release, 2004. Wobbly and off-center, goes down smooth.

7. House Of Fire - Walking Along The Sun

First of two tracks by this Doylestown/Philly band, from their self-titled ep. If you like the BJM you'll dig Isaac & Co.

8. Giobia - No One To Depend On

From Milano, Italy, this group brings it! Tell Bazu "Hi!" at:

9. Society Of Rockets - Dr. X

Like the butterfly these former Shimmer Kids Underpop Association members have metamorphized into something ready to take flight on this from their second album, 2005's Where the Grass Grows Black. You've been kicked, and they letcha' know it.

10. Happy Band Of Japan - I Began To Climb

More people should know this man. (If there's room for Jim Noir there's room for this guy!) Prolific writer, creative & witty, and all-around good man with a knack for hitting the spot. CD-rs available thru' his page at:

11. Bedtime Story - Little Magic Mushrooms

From Tel Aviv! As trippy as the title hints at, subtlety right? From their forthcoming release. Try:

12. Sky Parade - I Feel Surreal

...and YOU will, too! From their upcoming Love Is Forever album, to be released 2007! Also available through CDBaby and Itunes...

13. Super Hit - El-Sol

Relentless and full-force, bringing a bit of the shoegazer flair. Style points galore.

14. The Love X Nowhere - Coming Down

Gabriel & Co. create an atmospheric, slow-burning psychedelic masterpiece. (Just don't forget to exhale!) From their Odyssey ep, released in 2005. Check out further news and watch these guys (!) here:

Watch for Disc 2 coming tomorrow!!! In the meantime, enjoy: (updated Fri., 11/17)

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